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¡ UFFF ! Welcome visitor, to the GEG Web Site, where you will find information about the activities of our group from Guanajay, Artemisa province, Cuba, in the Caribbean Region.

Created: Mar 16 / 2001
Last Update.: May 29 / 2013

Our small group founded in 1985, is a member of the Cuban Speleological Society (Sociedad Espeleológica de Cuba - S.E.C.) and since its foundation it has focused its activities in the area of Guanajay being interested in its natural cavities and in the history of the first men that inhabited these lands, in aboriginal communities of scarce development, several centuries ago.

 El mundo subterráneo

The Guamuhaya group has reported, surveyed and mapped the caves in its town, all of them are small sized due to the geomorphologic characteristic of the area. In some of these caves there have been carried out studies. We have also carried out, together with other groups, explorations in several provinces of the country such as: Pinar del Rio, Havana, Matanzas, Camagüey and Ciego de Avila. We have also had opportunity to admire the underground beauties of big caves in the most western province of Cuba, Pinar del Rio, those are the Sistema Cavernario Majagua-Cantera, La Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas, el Sistema Cavernario Palmarito and especially the Gran Caverna Fuentes where, since 1999 we have been carrying out surveying sessions in annual expeditions organized by the Groups: Biokarst, from Havana City and R.C.A.E. from the University of Liége in Belgium.

 Artefactos aborígenes

Regarding archaeology, we have discovered and reported four aboriginal archaeological sites, the only ones existent until this moment inside the frontiers of our municipality, one of them the most western Protoagroalfarero of the country. We have participated, together with other groups, in controlled archaeological excavations directed by specialists of the Center of Anthropology of the CITMA (Ministry of Science, technology and environment), which have been carried out in several aboriginal archaeological sites inside and outside of our province, counting among these, two of the most important aboriginal cemeteries of the western region of our country: The site Marien 2 and the site Bacuranao. We have also carried out the prospecting and study of ancient sugar mills in Guanajay, discovering some of them, already erased by the time. Also together with other groups and institutions, we have participated in prospecting and excavation works in colonial archaeological sites inside of and outside of our province.

Several fossil remains have been reported, indirectly discovered as a result of the archaeological prospections, belonging to mammals and reptiles of the cuban extinct fauna, represented by 8 species belonging to five families of the orders Edentata, Insectivora, Testudinata and Rodentia.


We have also dedicated our attention to the Environment, especially to the underground Environment and for such a reason we have carried out in several occasions, diverse Environmental Acctions consisting in cleaning of caverns polluted with solid wastes, either from the man's hand or from natural haulages.

Some researches have been made about the diet of night rapacious birds (Tyto alba furcata) in La Mesa de Anafe, a karstic elevation near to our town, with the purpose of knowing the incidence the different species of bats have in the diet of the bird in this area, as well as the possible causes.

 Vea esta sección

One of the members of the group is carrying out a study of the snails with the objective of being able to determine the composition of the fauna of mollusks of the municipality. Several species of snails have been collected in different areas of abundant vegetation, inside the town.

Some members of the group often practice rock climbing and in several opportunities they have participated in practices and competitions in the vertical walls of the gorgeous mogotes of the Viñales Valley in Pinar del Rio and in the moats of the Morro Castle in the Capital.

These are the most common activities that the group carries out in its free times. Once a year we attend a national meeting organized by the Cuban Speleological Society in a different province of the island each time, together with other cavers of the country, to know how things are going on "underground" and to remember that, in a cave...

  • TAKE NOTHING (but pictures),
  • LEAVE NOTHING (but your footprints) and...
  • KILL NOTHING (but time).

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